About US

Cuddlebugs' founder, Lily, was a new mom who began her full-time parenting journey after the birth of her baby. As she spoke with other new moms, Lily noticed that many were dissatisfied with the quality and design of baby products, particularly when it came to finding suitable baby sleeping bags and breast pumps.

Determined to create a brand that would provide the best baby products to help every baby thrive, Lily decided to start her own brand. Thus, Cuddlebugs was born.

At first, Cuddlebugs was just a small online store selling the most basic baby products like baby sleeping bags and breast pumps. But as Lily's vision grew, Cuddlebugs expanded globally, offering more high-quality baby product choices to more moms.

As the brand grew, Cuddlebugs began to prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness. Lily decided to use the most environmentally friendly materials to create products and collaborated with environmental organizations to reduce the brand's impact on the environment.

Today, Cuddlebugs is a popular brand that provides the best baby products to parents all around the world. Our products include baby sleeping bags, breast pumps, bottles, diapers, wipes, and more. We're committed to delivering the best quality and comfort for our users to help every baby thrive. Our brand name comes from the nickname for babies, representing our love and care for every little one.

Our vision is to become a must-have brand for every family, not only providing the best baby products but also actively contributing to environmental protection. We'll continue to work hard, providing better products and services, and contribute to every baby's healthy growth.